A new video made straight after Jenny recent trip to South Africa: the health wrkers have been setting up moxa support groups in the heart of the townships:


The best video yet (made by our friend Reuben Ross):

"An Introduction to Moxafrica"

Another new short video - this one with footage from Jenny's trip to South Africa in November:



This earlier video identifies some of the devastating facts about drug resistant TB, many in the words of global health experts:   

Moxafrica Research Appeal 2011
A fundraising appeal for research into the use of moxa to help fight MDR-TB in Africa.

Two exciting recent videos - interviews with health workers in South Africa:

The Robertson Project
This video 
is about a project we set up in a small township on the edge of Robertson, a town in the wine belt of South Africa.

The Nyanga Project
This video 
is about the project in Nyanga, a huge Capetown township.

Previous videos:

Patient Voices in Uganda
This video shows patients speaking about their experiences.

Healthcare Workers in Uganda
This video shows healthcare workers speaking about their experiences.

Nyanga and Robertson in South Africa
This video shows experiences in South Africa.

Moxafrica 2
Promotional video describing the Moxafrica project. This video
 focuses more strongly on the emerging problems of drug resistance that particularly now face Africa, and attempts to make the strongest possible case concerning the relevance of our programme. 

Moxafrica 1
An introduction and overview of moxibusition and what we are doing in Africa. 
The soundtrack for the first clip is  a powerful song called "How Long" by Jackson Browne from his 1988 album "Lawyers in Love". (www.jacksonbrowne.com). 


The sequence of photographs of the tiny moxa cones being lit in this earliest video is by kind permission of Dr Tim Tanaka of the Pacific Wellness Clinic in Toronto: (www.pacificwellness.ca).