How you could help make a difference

Here are our top ten tips for how you might help aside from donating

  1.  Facebook. We're not good at this. We have our own facebook page  and a group.
  2.  Twitter. At the least can you re-tweat off the campaign page? We know that it is an extraordinary way to get a campaign like this out there, particularly if someone with a zillion followers re-tweats on it.
  3.  Groups. Do you belong to any groups on Facebook or LinkedIn that you could promote Moxafrica on?
  4. Your Alma Mater - do you have any links with your old acupuncture school that could be developed? Do they have forums? Would some of their students want to get behind the campaign (see no.7 below!)
  5. Professional networks or associations. Could you promote the campaign through your membership association? Through their forums or some other promotional platform? Do you have a network of connections through LinkedIn you could contact dirtectly? Do you belong to any groups on LinkedIn you could promote the campaign on?
  6. Might you be a blogger? (someone tells us that there are millions out there..) - in which case could you write a blog for the campaign. Here's a link, for instance, to one that got posted recently...
  7. Silicone wrist bands. A class of students at AOMOA in Austin Texas has got together and are promoting Moxafrica by selling silicone wrist bands (I want one, I want one!...).. they're planning to raise $5,000. Could you take some off them to sell at your clinic or to your friends? Right now we don't have a direct contact to a student, just to a faculty member, but email us and we'll find out more for you.
  8. If you're an acupuncturist, could you offer a free treatment once a week or once a month to targeted individuals? Could you ask some patients for a special surcharge of a pound, a euro or a dollar each treatment?
  9. Celebrities - you don't happen to have a celebrity on your books do you? Someone must have. It's a (sad!?!) certainty that an endorsement from a celebrity has massive influence on public perception. We wouldn't want you to pester them, especially not for money (as much as they might just have some to spare...), but if you could enquire politely.....?
  10. Philanthropic patients. As above, but this time it's about money not endorsement!!
  11. (This one is the bonus track!)  email us with any other ideas you might come up with....

Summarising what Moxafrica might really mean has become an ever more difficult challenge as we've become more and more familiar with the problems of TB. If you ask us, though, we'll do our best to put something together that you might use as you see best - a bit like an Avaaz campaign letter. Just get in touch. But you might rather want to use your own words or copy and paste bits from this section, and we'd really respect that.

The next page ties things up by discussing a couple of human angles.