The Whole Picture

We've come to realsie that the crucial thing is that people understand the whole picture - to realise, as a blogger recently put it, that "if there was ever a case for innovation, this is it."

We simply have to effectively communicate the colossal scale and complexity of the TB epidemic in Africa, and how little hope currently exists for those millions affected.

How it is effectivey being concealed by the AIDS epidemic.

How incredibly challenging it is to combat TB, particularly were infrastructure is poor.

And the captivating simplicity and power of small cone direct moxa treatment which even the wider acupuncture community currently hardly understands.

If we can successfully link all these things together for acupuncturists or for anyone else, it will become clear that there just might be a real game-changer here.

Our pilot studies in Uganda and South Africa already give us anecdotal evidence that this really could be a game-changer – and the current scientific RCT in Uganda must now get completed to prove it one way or the other...It could ultimately prove to be a very big deal for an awful lot of people - but the current reality exists that it may not compete because of lack of funds which is what this campaign is fundamentally all about.

Here's a 3 minute USAid film about TB.  There's nothing about moxa in it, but it's a very good film, and identifies a few of the key issues about this foul disease, particularly about the dreadful stigma and fear that is associated with it.

The following few pages offer access to the key issues:

1. The problems of containing TB in Africa

2. The power and simplicity of small-cone direct moxa

3. How you can help 

4. The human angle

5. World AIDS Day

6. The neglect of Children with TB

7. What about the future?