The Stop TB Partnership:

Greg Mortenson, a man of peace, who has inspired us: or "When your heart speaks, take good notes".

The UK Charity Commission Moxafrica detail:

Partners in Health from whom we initially learnt about the story of drug resistant TB particularly because of the inspirational work of Paul Farmer: "No epidemic of drug resistant disease of this scale has ever before been documented"

James Nachtwey, award-winning phtographer and activist: "I have been a witness and these pictures are my testimony" -

Docsave, a supplier of acupuncture and moxibustion products based in Germany who have donated money and pledged  support for our project in terms of materials:

The PanAfrican Acupuncture Project led by Richard Mandell, who has been immensely helpful to Moxafrica.

The Pacific Rim Acupuncture School, Vancouver, whose Principal, Todd Howard, has expressed special support for our ideas. The college has special interest in global outreach projects utilising acumoxa.

The Social Forum of the Rothenburg Acupuncture Kongress, whose co-ordinator Sylvia Kohn has been extremely helpful to us.

The North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, whose editor Junji Mizutani and assistant editor Stephen Brown have both been hugely supportive of the project, including providing free publicity and donating.

Chinese Medicine Times, who have recently published an article on the Moxafrica Project

Barefoot Acupuncturists, an extraordinary organisation working in Mumbai:

The Sisters  of La Retraite (who have been a tower of support)

Khobayashi - a moxa supplier in Japan who have provided supplies of moxa at special rates -

Toyohari UK:

Merlin Young's website:

Jenny Craig's website: