In Nyanga

- we have Dr Andre Sorger on hand to chivvy things along. Andre is a dynamic guy, a member of faculty of the School of Natural Medicine at the University of the Western Cape(UWC) - and he is clearly impressed and excited by the respoinses seen so far, and committed to helping its progress. He visits New Crossroads regularly as part of outreach work which he supervises at the centre with his acupuncture students from the UWC.
Secondly, we are engaging on the project with SACLA (the South Africa Christian Leadership Association). SACLA was founded in the darker days of apartheid as an advocacy organisation - and initially had Bishop Tutu as its patron. We feel really privileged to be working with them. They have lent us one of their admin workers (who has TB herself) to help us in terms of keeping records. She will make sure that the carers are submitting their reports regularly and will also arrange their stipend payments and should be giving us monthly reports of progress, as well as holding the local stock of refined moxa and distribute it as and when needed.
Additionally, we also have the support of Thoko Mtulu, who was an original SACLA founder, who is a quite extraordinary woman. She has also been impressed by what she has seen so far, and is both generous and patient with her time with us, enriching our understanding of what living in a township really means. Frankly it feels a little humbling to find ourselves associated with someone like her.

the team at Nyanga