To download any of the cards below, just double-click on the image itself

Clicking on a card will take you direct to Jenny Craig's website from which it will be entirely safe to download one of these cards. Jenny is a co-founder of Moxafrica.

But don't forget to donate the money you would have spent on cards and postage to Moxafrica (by clicking here) or to another charity of your choice.

Happy Christmas!

You would be sending an email, of course, in order to send the e-card, and we figure that you might want to briefly explain to your friends and/or loved ones why you're doing what you're doing. Immedliately below is a sample text that you could, if you want use or adapt somewhere in this email:

"We've been thinking long and hard about the real end-value of sending charity Christmas cards, and whether we can use the money we spend in a much more effective way.

What we've come up with does not, I'm afraid, add up to a beautiful card that you can place on your mantel piece, but it does add up to something which we think may be much more in tune with the truer meaning of Christmas.

We are sending you an "e-card" - a powerful picture-presentation relating to one charity’s efforts to develop an innovative and potentially game-changing approach to the ongoing confrontation with drug-resistant TB in Africa. The charity is called Moxafrica. It is a tiny charity, currently desperately in need of funds to complete some vital scientific research in Uganda which could make a difference to an awful lot of lives, and we are donating all of the money that we would have spent on buying and sending cards this year directly to the charity itself.

If you're interested in their work, their website is"