June 1, 2012

Jenny's report from the Rothenburg TCM Kongress

Moxafrica had been invited as part of the TCM Social Forum, an organisation that promotes voluntary work in Chinese medicine. Each day a 90 minute lecture slot was allocated to the Social Forum during the lunch break.

It was disappointing that none of the lunchtime lectures was well attended; perhaps because people preferred to be outside enjoying the sunshine, or visiting trade stands, or perhaps there was not much interest in charity work. Anyway, those who did attend were all keen and some will prove to be useful contacts in future. In addition there was a chance on Saturday to promote Moxafrica at the Social Forum stand, which was erected outside one of the main buildings. Here I was able to talk to people about our work, as well as selling T shirts and pens and giving out as many leaflets as I could.

Again there was surprisingly little interest in the stand despite its prominent position, but it was a good place to talk to some very inspiring people involved in the other charities. In total I took 284 euros from sales, plus a fantastic donation of 450 euros collected previously by Sylvia Kőhn who organises the TCM Social Forum. I also met a number of new contacts from other parts of the world who are interested in setting up moxa programs or doing fundraising activities for us.