What is moxibustion? 

- it is is the smouldering of a herbal preparation made from the leaves of the mugwort plant (Artemisia spp.) over the skin.

There have been many ways that moxa has been used. The method under discussion can best be described as "daily small-cone direct moxibustion". The brief smouldering of tiny pieces of moxa against the skin has been used in East Asian medicine for centuries, both in conjunction with acupuncture treatment and on its own. Therapeutically it is known to have positive effects on blood circulation and to enhance the immune system. This is supported by published research, particularly from Japan.

Direct moxibustion has a history which also includes claims of treating and curing patients with TB and TB-type disease. We are carrying out research and investigation in order to establish whether moxibustion can help combat TB in present day conditions and if so how this might best be achieved.

The beauty of this treatment is manifold. First of all it is simple. Its techniques are also easily taught. It is safe and can be carried out by members of the patient's family and even by the patient him/herself.

It appears to act by enhancing the immune system and therefore also appears to have no negative interaction with any other drugs - in fact the opposite: it reduces the pernicious side-effects which are so implicated in non-compliance, and may even help the drugs work faster . This still needs to be appropriately confirmed but all the anecdotal evidence strongly suggests this.

Lastly, and as important as anything, it is cheap and unpatentable.