Some  Feedback from Uganda (September 2010)

 Kagoya Hadijja, is female, aged 24 years, is HIV positive and is co-infected with TB. She had this to say:

“When I started moxa, I was vomiting, coughing, had no appetite, used to have sleepless nights, but when I started moxa, after two weeks, all these disappeared. The TB test after two months was negative but I was still coughing terribly! [Co-infection with HIV-TB often makes tests unreliable]. I used to have pain in the lungs, even they extracted water from my lungs and they had threatened to extract more by the time I started moxa. However, after one week the pain stopped. I was 40kg when I started  moxa treatment, and now am 50kg! However, I have two problems:  I have developed a lot of appetite but I don’t have enough food to eat  and my sister used to do the moxa at my back but now she got tired and she no longer does it, so now I do it myself.”

[We have seen the marks on Kagoya’s back so we know that she’s doing the moxa on her back herself. How she does it remains a mystery but is an extraordinary testimony to her commitment to recovery.]

Emmanuel Kigundu, male, aged 65,  is drug resistant and had this to say:

“I started TB drugs in Dec 2009 and whenever they would check in my sputum, the sputum would be still positive, as if I was not swallowing TB drugs! However, when I started applying this moxa, I became strong and the test that followed was TB negative! This moxa has really helped me! When I started moxa, my legs and joints were paining me but as soon as I started moxa, all these stopped. It has really helped. However, the back is still painful especially where the injections were given. As for any complaint about moxa, I don’t have any, the scar I do not mind because it is through these scars (from moxa) that I have got life.”

Kabawuma Gorreti, female, aged 30,  HIV positive, started TB treatment (first line drugs) in February 2010 and started moxa treatment in March alongside the medication.

"This moxa really worked for me! I was extremely weak but  after a week I started feeling better. My legs were weak, paralyzed, and at the same time painful. I had abdomen and arm pain but after applying moxa I became strong again. I could not hold anything with my hands but now you can see, I can do it without any problem. I told you - I am working again!"

Some of the patients in Kampala who are now responding to moxa

Allen Magezi is our co-ordinator in Kampala. She’s a trained acupuncturist as well as a healthworker. This is how she  reports what she’s seen:

When you are training the patients, apart from desperate ones who are eager to take on any treatment that come their way, some of them look to doubt really that they will benefit from the treatment. However, the joy is read from these patients’ faces when they come for either more moxa or invite them to check how they are doing. It’s all joy and the common words in their mouth are, ‘it works’ or  it has helped me’ and ‘thank you musawo’.”

[Musawo is Lugandan for “health worker”]