Moxafrica's Financial Overview (Sept 2012)

Moxafrica originally registered as a charity on 24th February 2009.

Information as required by UK charity law regarding income and expenditure can be found on the UK Charity Commission website -

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It should be noted that administrative costs involved in running the charity itself represent just 4% of the total expenditure

All other expenditure is made in direct active pursuance of the charity's aims

The current expenditure used by the Moxafrica charity falls into four categories:

1. The budget for the research with Makerere University

2. The ongoing support of existing moxa treatment in Uganda

3. The ongoing support of existing moxa treatment in South Africa

4. The support and development of any moxa treatments in other resource-poor environments

This last initiative is deliberately restricted, and involves principally the sharing of knowledge and materials to allow other agencies to set up their own initiatives. As such it involves little in the way of expenditure or resource.

Ongoing support of existing treatment projects in South Africa and Uganda involves supplies of moxa, and the payment of small stipends to healthworkers as well as small sums to meet local administrative costs to keep these treatents going for the benefit of existing atients or patinets who might particularly benefit aty the discretion of the healthworkers.

The current major focus of expenditure involves funding the vital Makerere research. 

The projected budget for the research by Makerere University (currently planned to last for nine months monitoring 180 patients)

      Personnel (comprising a study doctor, two study nurses, and one study assistant)


      Initiating and pre-trial costs  


      Laboratory investigations (including sputum, blood and liver and kidney function tests, as well as x-rays for 180 patients)


      Other costs (including local admistrative fees, follow ups, trasport costs and contingency sums)



                          Total Makerere onsite RCT budget                 $56,640

      Associated Moxafrica costs

                      4 inspection visits from the UK                                  $10,000

                      Supervisory costs in Uganda                                       $2,000


                                             Total Moxafrica costs                    $12,000

                                                                        Total trial cost      $68,640

                                                                 Sterling equivalent approx    £41,000

Ongoing treatment costs in Uganda


Ongoing treatment costs in South Africa


Support to other agencies


General Admin and promotion


                                                                            £7,600                                                    £7,600

                                                                Total Moxafrica budget      £48,600